11 more industrial zones to be erected in Binh Duong

The Binh Duong Provincial People’s Committee has just passed a resolution on the revision and supplement of planning industrial zones in the locality through 2020.

Under the revision, there will be 39 industrial zones in the province by 2020 with a total area of 19,834 ha.
By 2015, the province is planning to expand the areas of 3 industrial zones, namely Dat Quoc, Nam Tan Uyen and Bau Bang.

In addition, it will construct 8 more new industrial zones, including  Lai Hung with 1,000ha, Cay Truong-Tru Van Tho – 500ha and Tan Binh –  600ha, during the period.

During 2015-2020, there will be another 3 industrial zones, named Vinh Hoa-Tam Lap, Long Hoa and Minh Thanh.

Source: QDND