The real estate market is hard to freeze

This is confirmed by the State Administration, real estate experts and businesses at the conference "Crisis cycle and investment real estate" held by Thanh Nien Newspaper on 18.7.


This is confirmed by the State Administration, real estate experts and businesses at the conference "Crisis cycle and investment real estate" held by Thanh Nien Newspaper on 18.7.


New supply meets 10 - 15% of demand

Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong, general director of Dai Phuc Real Estate Company, said that real estate is a necessity of the people and still grows every year. There is no concept of bubbles or crises or freezes that are just as quiet as before. Supply is always lacking, new meet the approx

10 - 15% of the demand. Although the structure of products has changed recently, most of them are concentrated in big cities. Enterprises (DN) want to make products with moderate price but the input is not lower, the output is difficult to lower. The dilemma is how to reduce input costs. For example, reducing the cost of deployment time is important to reduce the cost of output. Prestigious investors, providing quality products that meet the needs, always need the stability of macro policies. For example, Van Phuc urban area of ​​198 hectares has long-term investment, deployed 10-20 years so the changes in policy will affect investors. Foreign investors also expressed confidence in the economy, investment environment of Vietnam and interested in investing in real estate projects in Vietnam.


On the same point, Tran Tuu, deputy general director of Hung Thinh Group, commented that at this time, stable macroeconomic policy has facilitated the real estate sector. Up to now, Hung Thinh has been active in terms of capital resources and still focuses on the medium segment, ensuring investors, giving customers easy access and ownership. "Local crisis in the ground is yes. The ground without interference in the past did not know what happened. Local land in the special zone, the local land prices fever. But not too worried when the control policy was implemented in time, the loan rate for real estate is moderate so the pressure to repay bank debt, sell no one buy ... lead to the market down is no, " Tuu said.

Hoang Duc Khuong, director of foreign affairs of An Gia Company, said that based on forecasts of specialized agencies, market and evaluation by experience of enterprises, real estate is still a safe investment channel. , interesting. In early August, the company launched the project Sky89 with the price of 38 - 42 million m2 with a good booking. "We see the market still has potential when the sale, and when receiving many foreign investors they still boldly invest in real estate VN. By the end of this year, we will announce a partnership with a Standard Chartered investment fund to develop our projects. We do not think there will be any bubbles in the market, "Khuong said.

According to real estate expert Huynh Phuoc Nghia, in the short term there is no impact on property, the market is still good. Concerns about the crisis in terms of macro is not heavy by the law of real estate is up and down. Investors should not worry about that, but rather their portfolio, should not focus on one type of product.

Dr. Bui Quang Tin, lecturer of business management, Banking University also said that in the future there are 5 opportunities to support real estate market when the State Bank will continue to support the project to meet real needs. of people. Despite the US-China trade tensions, the SBV intervened by selling foreign currencies, causing the exchange rate to fall. Commercial banks will help people and businesses borrow money with better interest rates and eventually capital flows into real estate will come from other markets such as securities.

The market is still under control

According to Phan Truong Son, Head of Housing and Real Estate Management Department of the HCM City Department of Construction, there is a land fever phenomenon occurred in the district district is due to transport infrastructure development, but perfect time Recently, the market showed signs of slowing down, especially after the fire of Apartment Carina (District 8). In the long term, however, the value of real estate will increase over time, according to the project progress and infrastructure improvements are appropriate but moderate growth of 5%.

Meanwhile, according to Huynh Thai Ngoc, deputy head of the planning department of the HCM City Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Resolution 80 approves the land use plan for Ho Chi Minh City until 2020. Some land use criteria of the city will have leapfrog development when allowed to transfer more than 26,000 hectares of agricultural land into non-agricultural. Among them, 3,500 hectares of industrial land will increase to 6,000 hectares, residential land will increase to 7,321 hectares while the period from 2010 to 2015 will be about 3,000 hectares. Urban land will occupy a large proportion, about 4,500 ha and the rest is rural land. Ho Chi Minh city boldly for land use change will achieve many targets such as social security in the suburban districts, avoid the situation of illegal construction occurred in the past.

Nguyen Duc Lenh, General Manager of the State Bank of Vietnam, showed that credit growth in HCM City was 7.5% while that of the whole country increased 7.8%. Long-term and medium-term credits accounted for 53%, and short-term loans were 47%, which lasted for four years. Bad debt of about 3%, while credit outstanding real estate loans about 10%, the country is 7.8% and this is still a safe level. The monetary policy of the State Bank of Vietnam in the last 5 years and the first 6 months has created favorable conditions for economic development and market stability. It is recommended that banks control the flow of money into real estate is also the target to help the market develop better.

"The bubble certainly does not happen"

HCM City Real Estate Association Chairman Le Hoang Chau said the virtual fever of the land took a large amount of money in credit and society, so far basically controlled but still held high because investors still expect to have buyers. This will not last long because of the limited endurance that many borrowers use.

However, real estate bubble will not happen. "The 10 year cycle is an indicator for reference rather than signs. The segment of affordable housing is the most sustainable segment of the property market. The Ministry of Construction hereby promulgates the construction standards of Vietnam and permits the construction of commercial houses under 45 m2 will be an important turning point in the market.