Ho Chi Minh City: Many reforms about allocation of Red Book

Authorize the Land Registration Office (LRO) to issue certificates of land use rights, ownership of houses and other assets attached to land (certificates), pilot certification of houses, lands in the ward is a reform show that determination, efforts of Ho Chi Minh City speed up the certification.

* Shorten the process

According to the old procedure, for the case of granting certificates to households and individuals in Ho Chi Minh City will go through three levels: After the people submit file at LRO branch, this file will be move to LRO for legal review, if it is eligible then transfer to Deparment of Natural Resources and Environment to sign and seal. After that, the Department transferred the documents to the LRO to transfer to the branch and paid to the people.

However, from 27/8, this process has changed with the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Ho Chi Minh City authorize the LRO City issued certificates.

Certification in Ho Chi Minh City will reduce one level in the Department. Accordingly, if there is no need for new issuance, the LRO branch will update to page 4 of the certificates and pay immediately. In the case of issuing new certificates, only transfer from the branch to the LRO, which will use the seal of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment. With this authorization, it is hoped to reduce the number of paper registrations so that records will be processed faster, reducing document delays and reducing inconvenience.

Authorizing the LRO to issue a certificate will also reduce the paper clutter and provide paper with professional. Specifically, when transferring documents to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment signed, it have only two Deputy Directors of the Department signed certificates for households and individuals. The Director signed all cases of organizations and businesses. When authorizing the LRO that is a career unit and it only concentrates on one field, which will be resolve more quickly.

* Making a certificate of house and land in the Ward

Previously, since June 2017, the People's Committee of District 9 (HCMC) has assigned People's Committee of 13 wards to pilot the receipt and return of registration files for the first time. This way helps people to save their work and speed up certificate allocation.

According to Mr. Vo Tri Dung, head of the Natural Resources and Environment Department of District 9, Decree 43 stipulates that the LRO shall receive dossiers and return results of land registration procedures and other assets attached to land; allocation, change, re-issue certificate. In cases where people have the need to submit dossiers at commune-level People's Committees, the commune-level People's Committees of the localities where exist the land shall receive dossiers and return the dossiers. Thus, the pilot organization for the People's Committees receiving and returning such results is in accordance with the law, while creating favorable conditions for people.

Mr. Vo Tri Dung commented that during the pilot period, there were many positive signs, the number of applications for registration of housing and land use certificates increased. According to statistics, currently in the district has about 3,000 cases have not registered to issue certificates of house, land. With the pilot method above, District 9 will try to solve the problem of issuing certificates for eligible cases (about 1,500 cases) by the end of 2017.

Vice Chairman of District 9 People's Committee, Mrs. Le Thi Kim Chi also said that the pilot is to implement administrative reform in the registration of housing and land certificates. In the near future, the district will preliminarily assess the effectiveness, drawing experience for people to register for certification to convenient, easier.

Source: Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment