LOD Bulding

D11 Nguyễn Song Sắc (kéo daì) Cầu Giấy Dist, Hanoi City

11-storey office building with one basement, 6450 sq m total floor area  and 5130 sq m total leasing area, located at a strategic location in  the development area of Hanoi, with wide frontage, highest construction  quality and optimal floor designs, modern equipped, convenient for  transportation, suitable for transaction office, store and supermarket.
Leasing Area:

- 1st - 2nd floor: 868 sq m/floor.
- Mezzanine floor: 788 sq m.
3rd - 9th floor: 564 sq m/floor.

Ceiling height:
2.7 m

01 basement for parking and large parking area around the building.

The Landlord grants the Tenant:
- 10 motorbike parking lots for leasing area <250m2,
- 01 car parking lot and 15 motorbike lots for leasing area from 251m2 to 01 floor.
- 02 car parking lots and 20 motorbike parking lots for leasing area more than 01 floor.
In case, cars and motorbikes exceed the above-mentioned amount, the Tenant shall pay:
- US$ 44.00 per car parking lot per month (including VAT).
- US$ 4.40 per motorbike parking lot per month (including VAT).

Back up generator: Available for lighting, computer and office equipment.

Air-conditioning: Daikin Centrally Air conditioning.


- Telephone main box with 500 pairs of wire with out-let in each leased area.
- Internet system main box with 44 pairs providing several services of suppliers.

Elevator: 02 Mitsubishi elevators with capacity of 750kg and 1000kg.