Resco Tower

The building located at a strategic location in the development area of Hanoi, convenient for transportation.

The building including 2 towers, 15-storey A Tower (on the side of Kim  Ma street) and 13-storey B Tower (on the side of Pham Huy Thong street,  Ngoc Khanh lake) and 5-storey building connecting the 2 towers.
The  building has 21,000 sqm total floor area, with highest construction  quality and modern equipped suitable for transaction office. In  addition, the building also has international standard conference halls.

Land Area and Construction Density:
- Land Area: 5278 sqm.
- Construction Density: 40.54% (2140 sqm), the left are square, yard, garden, interior traffic-way and 01 basement.

Leasing area:

- 1st floor: 1037 sqm including 4 areas 477 sqm; 218 sqm; 202 sqm and 140 sqm.
- 2nd floor: 1368 sqm including 4 areas 458 sqm; 435 sqm; 258 sqm and 217 sqm.
-  3rd floor: 1055 sqm including 2 office areas 670 sqm (A Tower), 385 sqm  (B Tower); 01 large conference hall (295 sqm) and 2 small conference  halls (94 sqm & 118 sqm).
- 4th floor: 1350 sqm including 2 areas 670 sqm (A Tower) and 680 sqm (B Tower).
- 5th floor: 1848 sqm including 2 office areas 663 sqm (A Tower), 600 sqm (B Tower); 585 sqm for the building’s service area.
- 6th to 15th floor (A Tower): 738 sqm.
- 6th to 13th floor (B Tower): 760 sqm.

Parking: The Landlord grants the Tenant car and motorbike/ bicycle parking lots  free of charge during business time with the following ratio:
- 01 car parking lot (≤ 16 seats) equivalent to each 350 sqm leased area.
- 01 motorbike/ bicycle parking lot equivalent to each 15 sqm leased area..
In  case, cars and motorbikes exceed the above-mentioned amount, the Tenant  shall pay parking charge to the Landlord according to the Building’s  Regulation.

Back up generator: Available for all equipment in the Building.

Air-conditioning: Daikin VRV II Centrally Air conditioning

Elevator: 08 Mitsubishi elevators with speed of 2m/s.