With the highly professional management style, we are always acquire the high-class clients sources inclusive of some foreigner-experts who are living and working in Vietnam, the Vietnamese community have been living at overseas, and the top-class of potential Vietnamese clients.

Therefore,  it is not difficult for us to achieve and consult them how to lease or buy at  the highest price-level for the owner and additionally, we are very expert in dealing  with the price-level better than another rivals in general, to bring the  profits for the owners. It was noticed that almost the real estate foreign-companies  in Vietnam marketed and managed  the sources of tenants following by nationalities and as per peak-seasons.

Correspondingly,  an especial thing of DSI VET is we are always dealing with multinational  tenants to ensure that they stay for longer than another rivals’ manner in your  building. With our good reality experiences in Real Estate Market in Vietnam, we are able to serve  the best solutions to increase more the assets value for the owner.

Together  with having a good knowledge of Real Estate Market in Vietnam and a good  relationship with multinational tenants, the Professional Management System of Property  of DSI VIET, we are able to help the owner maximize the profits during the time  of building operation and give to the owner peace of mind in maintaining the assets  value and the volume of tenants would be stabilized at highest level.