DSI VIET in Vietnam is member of DSI Holland, one of the leading companies in The Netherlands offering a completed range of professional property services of consulting and managing in property industry.

Additionally, DSI Holland also give the best solutions in construction field and to Traffic System together with providing the best modern Pipelines Systems in The Netherlands as well as in EU Commonwealth.. We are always committed to bring the most comfortable for all Tenants and the utmost satisfactions in property management and in maintenance of facilities how to keep in the primitive good conditions. The Property Management System of DSI VIET had been created by DSI Holland Group -The Netherlands is very feasible and suitable for conditions of each Office Buildings in Vietnam via international standards and extremely professional manner of DSI VIET. It is an honor for DSI VIET when assigned to manage and control your office buildings, we will be a reliable representative to deploy and undertake all the tasks in compliance with the requirements of the owners and how to give to the owners a peace of mind that the office building is professionally managing by DSI VIET.

The fundamental undertaking of DSI VIET in Property Management as follows:

1. Carrying out the general survey for whole Building

2. Setting up the Operating System of Building

3. Deploying the Building Assignment Management: Pointing out some criteria of Managing Building at the best level of Management.

4. Being on behalf of the owner to deploy the interview, recruitment and training procedures how to establish a good Management Team.

5. Running all building Operations

6.Owner presentation to solve all the problems from Tenants. Building a good and firmly rapport with all the tenants inside the building, stabilizing the volume of Tenants of Building in long-term leasing in order to maximize value for the owner, minimize the Tenants will move to another places.

7. Setting up a Sinking-Fund for whole operating of the building per month, quarter, and per year.

8. Managing and controlling financial matter for the owner how to maximize the profits and minimize the risky in investment office building for the owner.

9. Making scheduled-plans of monthly maintaining equipments system, facilities inside the building during the time of operation.

10. Setting up a good and stable relationship with Tenants or with potential customers having the requirements of buying or lease office building.

11. Being on behalf of the owner in charging of coordinating and controlling the costs of purchasing some related products served in the Building Management.

12. Combining with the fire-team and organizing from time to time the training programs of fire-fighting and how to prevent

13. Giving the best consultant of insurance for the building in long-term operation.

14. Setting up the security system for the building inclusive of bodyguard-team and surveillance by camera systems action 24/24 hour per day.

15. Being responsible of the cleanliness of whole building operated by professional-team to make sure that the hygiene is pleased to the eyes.

16. Suggesting the improved and upgraded programs to increase the profits and property values for the investment during the time of operation building