DSI Holland Group-The Netherlands is one of companies specializing in Professional Consultant Property Industry in Europe and in the world. For the time being, DSI VIET has been very

successful in selling and buying a lots of properties in Vietnam, better than any other companies. Those successes is many thanks to DSI VIET in Vietnam has a plentiful  the   unshakeable volume of potential customers and many thanks to the  good   relationship of DSI VIET with clienteles in Vietnam that DSI VIET  achieved via   sources like DSI Holland Group-The Netherlands, IREI in  the world and HoREA in   Vietnam as well.
We  will be carrying out the overall survey about the   fluctuation of Real  Estate Market at the point of time that DSI VIET is   appointed to become  your Exclusive Agent of Sales & Marketing for your   esteemed  company. DSI VIET will give you advice on asking price-level and    expected timetable for the sale. In addition, we will submit to you the    scheduled-time for a detailed plan of Sale. We will advise the vendor  on the   financial matter, legal restructuring which may improve more the  good   opportunities of Sale. We will organize and schedule the planning  for Marketing   Campaigns, prepare in advance some Ads-Documents, produce  for a detailed   prospectus setting out all relevant details of the  investment chances,   estimating the Cash-flow, updated info about Real  Estate Market in Vietnam.
DSI VIET is officially member of IREI   and  DSI Holland Group in The Netherlands, one of the leading companies in  The   Netherlands specializing in Property Management Consultant and DSI  VIET is also   officially member of HoREA - The Ho Chi Minh Real Estate  Association in   Vietnam. So it is an honor for DSI VIET achieved a DBMS  of Real Estate Market,   a plentiful volume of clienteles having  requirements about property industry   inclusive of foreigners have been  living and working in Vietnam, the Vietnamese   community is living at  overseas. This is the most important and powerful of all   marketing  tools of DSI VIET.
At the present, we have gotten in hand a    great number of clienteles in the world via the Database Management  System of   DSI Holland Group-The Netherlands, this is seem very  confidential information   that DSI VIET have the right to access only. Correspondingly,  foreign-investors   or potential customers in Vietnam are ordinary take  the initiative to make a   phone-call directly to DSI VIET at anytime and  wherever if they want to ask for   co-operation.