DSI VIET will assist clients by our Professional Residential-Team expert in providing a home search and relocation services and we are able to help our clients to search differ-sizes of houses or apartments in any locations and for all kinds of budgets.

Our business operation is free of charge to the tenants and we are  operating on a broking system, it is means that agents will seek a fee from the  landlord and not from the tenants.

We committed to serve to our clients with  packages services of information of leasing residential properties in Vietnam and we will schedule  a time to arrange the sightseeing-tours of surveying on location according to  client’s requirements. Apart from, thanks to DSI VIET is officially members of  HoREA in Vietnam, we are able to be advised and explained about the layout of  the city and location of important facilities like restaurants, sports clubs,  schools, hospitals, shopping centers,…etc.

We will co-operate with Service of Architecture  Project and HoREA to be advised to our clients where is the best locations to  make you feel easy and suitable to your needs.