REDUCING AND AVOIDING UNNECESSARY COSTS DSI VIET is 100% Vietnamese Owned Company, managed by the dynamic and professional Vietnamese with the high degree of MA,

having good practical knowledge and  experiences in Financial Management, Real Estate. They will help the  owner minimize the unnecessary-costs in the management. Especially, DSI  VIET has the especial commercial relationship with service providers,  information providers about the fluctuation of price level of essential  product is seem necessary in property management field. With our  strongly buying power, we are able to obtain the cheaper contracts for  many services related to property management. We are always understand  thoroughly and keep eyes on the worries of the financial matters of the  owner. Thus, it is very honor for us to be a reliable representative of  the owner in charging of managing and controlling the financial matters  for the owner by the most modern of Accounting System avoiding some  unnecessary costs in business operation but it is still ensure the  dynamic and professional manners in Property Management.


DSI  VIET always understand thoroughly about the worries of owner how to  reserve and maintain all equipments, facilities of the building at the  primitive good conditions. Especially, it could not be downgraded  following by period of time. We are Vietnamese with high skills in  property management, we know how to wok out the best solutions and some  techniques of preserving building at good conditions from time to time  via maintenance systems and preserving facilities of building  periodically, via a Professional Property Management System of DSI  VIET, We committed to protect and maintain the assets value of building  at the primitive good conditions like Vietnamese Mothers are always  taking a loving care of their children and protect them. Our experience  in property management allows us to manage and control the building  efficiently without wasted expenses and give a peace of mind for the  owner.


DSI  VIET is constantly concerned with the worries of owner is how to  accelerate the circulation of investment capitals sources, to diminish  more expenses, and to stabilize the volume of Tenants and to maximum  the profit in a shortly-time. Therefore, Instructing DSI VIET to manage  your office building gives you a peace of mind that the building will  be professionally managed. That allows you to concentrate on your own  core activities to another projects.