DSI VIET is one of the top companies of Vietnam having the extremely professional in the Consultant and Real Estate Management Industry.Therefore, we are always treasure the tasks of Market Research of Real Estate Industry in Vietnam is very important to have good and precisely

information about Real Estate Situation to support our operation field in Property Management in Ho Chi Minh City as well as in the whole country of Vietnam. Our Research Team are always undertake a wide range of projects and inclusive of analyzing the fluctuation of Vietnamese Real Estate Market, The development tendencies, demands about Real Estate, the information of Real Estate Market are regularly updated from time to time via the latest statistics of real estate in country following monthly, quarterly and annually.

The good opportunities of Investment in Real Estate field is concerning point of all investors. In order to identify Viable Real Estate Opportunities for investment requires a wide vision, good imagination and above all solid Research Activities about the fluctuation and the potentialities of Real Estate Market in Vietnam. Consequently, Market Research of Real Estate Market is necessary to the almost of all Real Estate Activities of DSI VIET in supporting for our customers.